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Discover the Secret to Pella NWD Windows' Longevity: 6 Expert Care Tips

Discover the Secret to Pella NWD Windows' Longevity: 6 Expert Care Tips

When it comes to your residential or commercial project, the last thing on your mind might be window maintenance. However, neglecting this crucial aspect can impact your windows' efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Explore these six proven maintenance tips to keep your Pella NWD (Northstar Windows and Doors) in prime condition, ensuring they perform flawlessly for years to come.

Woman examining the wood finish of white wood windows, emphasizing the need for regular inspections.  Close-up of white window tracks being cleaned and lubricated for smooth operation.

1. Annual Check-up for Peak Performance

  • Conduct a thorough annual inspection to catch imperfections early.

  • Look for leaks, moisture, cracks in paint, sealant issues, and problems with sliding sashes or window cranks.

  • Special attention to windows near vents and sprinkler systems after storms or hail damage.

2. Caulking Caution

  • Regularly inspect and promptly fix cracked or missing sealant to maintain watertight integrity.

  • Focus on vulnerable areas, checking window caulking two to three times a year, especially at bottom corners and in between windows.

3. Wood Finish Wisdom

  • Wood windows demand more maintenance; examine both interior and exterior finishes for corrosion, peeling, and cracking.

  • Fiberglass windows require minimal maintenance but need an annual check for imperfections.

  • Vinyl window maintenance is straightforward; check for visible damage, like dents, on an annual basis.

4. Tracks TLC: Clean and Lubricate

  • Clear dirt and debris regularly from window tracks to prevent sticking.

  • Clean tracks with a dry brush and vacuum during regular window washing.

  • Apply oil-free lubricant to weatherstripping for smooth operation, avoiding oil-based lubricants.

5. Fit and Functionality Check

  • Over time, windows may experience changes in fit due to exposure, temperature variations, and everyday wear.

  • A bad fit affects performance, making windows less energy-efficient and allowing air and water infiltration.

  • Regularly check the entire window to ensure a proper fit, addressing issues promptly.

6. Coastal Living Precautions

  • If your project is near the ocean, increase inspection frequency due to corrosive salt spray.

  • Clean windows quarterly with a mild detergent to combat salt build-up, especially crucial for wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows.

Woman inspecting windows during an annual check-up for leaks, cracks, and proper operation. Man caulking black windows, underlining the importance of inspecting and fixing cracked sealant.

When to Seek Pella NWD Professional Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning and lubrication can extend window life, but professional intervention is essential for damaged caulking, refinishing wood, or any necessary repairs.

  • Contact your local Pella NWD expert for advice on simple maintenance or a closer inspection for potential repairs or replacements.

Ensure your Pella NWD windows shine with longevity by incorporating these expert care tips into your routine. For professional assistance, trust your local Pella NWD expert to keep your windows performing at their peak.

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