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Future Focused

Celebrating women in architecture, their work, leadership, and the pathways created for the next generation of Cooper Union senior students, members of the Cooper Union Alumni Association (CUAA). 

An Architectural Space can resonate with a multitude of frequencies, from the physical to metaphysical, sociological, and spiritual. This is the distinction between a building and architecture.


Architecture can be both the form and void spaces, each equally weighted and considered in relation to the inhabitation whether explicit, implicit, or virtual.


Residential, Commercial, Public squares, ports, canals, basilicas, and many other public spaces share a connective relationship to one another that speaks to architecture.

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Through the Window and into the Mirror of Possibilities.

Women play a critically important role in architecture. At Northstar Window and Doors we celebrate women and their contributions and impact to the real estate industry and profession. Their design, improvements, innovation,  and development of residential and commercial projects in communities opens doors and windows of prosperity. Northstar Windows and Doors partners with women to inspire leadership, mentorship, and the vision they are pursuing for an increasingly diverse and equitable profession.  Our partnerships with women, men, and firm industry leaders are elevating women and changing the profession to make it a vocation of choice for anyone interested in the design field.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Get motivated and inspired by Northstar Windows and Doors social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

  2. We can make change in the culture of the profession and your communities.

  3. Get involved in our local component, or in your firm to lead, mentor, and create a welcoming profession for architects and designers of all backgrounds.  

Join us in educating and celebrating the work, accomplishments, and leadership of women in the profession; Open a window and door of endless possibilities. 

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Thanks for joining us!

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