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Eco-Friendly Windows and Doors Benefit Your Home and Lower Your Energy Bill


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Eco-Friendly Windows and Doors Benefit Your Home and Lower Your Energy Bill Installing eco-friendly windows and doors is a great way to lower your home's carbon footprint, save money on energy bills, and enjoy a comfortable and well-insulated home throughout the year. However, it's important to understand the basics of eco-friendly windows and doors before you make an investment. Let's take a quick look at what makes an eco-friendly window and door and how they benefit you as a homeowner. What is an eco-friendly window?


There are three major window unit components that define eco-friendly windows for the home. These essential components include the window frame, the window panes, and the window finish or glaze. Effective eco-friendly windows should have a low E glaze (low-emissivity) or triple glaze to limit the impact that UV rays have on your home, which provides a more regulated internal temperature for your home. Page 2 of 4 Additionally, your home's eco-friendly windows should feature a double or triple pane to prevent hot air from escaping the home. This also helps your residential windows resist fogging and frosting throughout the year. Eco-Friendly Window Benefits Eco-friendly windows benefit homeowners in a wide variety of ways. Firstly, quality eco-friendly windows resist water and structural damage that occurs as a result of freezing or thawing. Eco-friendly windows also ensure that warm air stays inside the home, which reduces your heating bill during winter. The right eco-friendly windows will also boost the resale value of your home, and they can even reduce and muffle noise from outside the home, including loud car horns, sirens, blaring music, and more. What is an Eco-Friendly Door? An eco-friendly door should consist of materials that promote heat loss prevention.


Fiberglass, polyurethane foam, wood fiber cores, and composite wood are all ideal for keeping heat in the home during colder months. If your residential door has glass windows, be sure they are double or triple-paned for even better heat retention and temperature regulation. Eco-friendly doors in the home should also contain Page 3 of 4 weatherstripping - a magnetic strip that effectively acts as a tight seal for greatly reducing your home's air and heat leakage. Eco-Friendly Door Benefits Like your home windows, eco-friendly doors can increase your home's energy efficiency and help to maintain a comfortable temperature within the home. Doors made of FSC certified timber are widely available and easy to find - especially when you work with a professional eco-friendly home consultant.


Common Eco-Friendly Materials in Windows and Doors Composite window frames are a top green option when it comes to eco-friendly materials for your home. These frames are typically made from wood shavings and recycled plastics to provide a low maintenance window with better durability. Fiberglass is another great option for windows and doors due to its long-lasting properties. It's also resistant to twisting and warping over time. Conclusion Enjoying the benefits of an eco-friendly home starts when you hire a professional contractor who can properly install and replace eco-friendly windows and doors. Working with a professional company that specializes in eco-friendly home solutions can provide you with all the best product and Page 4 of 4 material recommendations for your home as well.

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